The District Way:
How We Got Here

The District Story

Owned and operated by two families, District was born out of our collective experience and desire to offer an innovative and purpose-driven fitness concept unlike any other in the Atlanta market. We are athletes, fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs focused on long-term wellness and proven methodology.

The desire to achieve optimum health is central to our lives and we have found what works not just for us, but for people of varying ages, body types and fitness levels. Our formula? Top-tier trainers, advanced equipment, a superior workout, an emphasis on nutrition, mindset and education, and a highly incentivizing membership model.

Method: The Workout


As one of only 3 studios in the world to offer the super advanced special edition Technogym SkillRun 5000 Treadmill and the only one in Atlanta to offer the FitBench Studio, our classes integrate strength, endurance, functional, conditioning and interval training. We lead both full-body workouts and classes focused on large muscle groups. Variety drives better overall results and is the common thread throughout all aspects of our District lifestyle, so workouts change every single day. We work hard to keep you engaged and evolving.

Each class begins with setting an intention, as the impact of mindset on fitness is indisputable. Every workout involves running/walking, rowing or riding, weights, body-weight exercises, resistance equipment and more. During each class, you’ll move through 4 levels:


Rest. Pure recovery. Little to no movement. Walking, stretching, or slowly moving arms and legs.


Active recovery to low impact movement or moderate intensity. Fast paced walking to a light jog.


Moderate to Vigorous Intensity. Difficult yet sustainable for most. Aerobic Training. Muscular fatigue. Primary source of energy is fats.


High Intensity. Max Effort. Anaerobic Training. Short bursts of work. Maximum muscular output. Primary source of energy is carbohydrates / glycogen.

Method: The Pricing Model

Our goal is to help our members form beneficial, long-term habits that lead to great results. We have seen-first hand that the main driver is frequency – the more we practice good habits, the better results we’ll achieve. So, a unique pillar of District is our frequency-based incentive model: the more you invest in yourself, the more we invest in you.


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